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Welcome to Formosa online menu, as the covid-19 virus continues to affect our daily life. We try to Contactless menu is one solution that we could reduce to reduce the chance that exposes ourselves to danger.

⭐  主廚推薦 (V) 素食 (VO) 提供素食選項

(GF) 無麥麩   (GFO) 提供無麥麩選項   🌶  辣度


蝦片 $7.5

Original  or Seaweed 

Deep-Fried Cauliflower (V)  $9.5

Crispy Squid (GF)  $11

Formosa Kumara Fries with Plum Powder (V)(GF) $10

Deep-Fried Spring Rolls (V) $10

12 pcs spring rolls 

Taiwanese Deep Fried Tofu with Kimchi $10

Tofu, Taiwanese kimchi, garlic sauce 

Taiwanese Sausage (GF)  $14

Formosa handmade sausage served with fresh garlic 

Crispy Red Pork Belly (GF) ⭐ $15

Deep-fried pork belly with miso sauce 

Sushi Platter $16

Deep-fried teriyaki chicken sushi roll, cream cheese, vege, potato salad

Korean Spicy Chicken Roll 🌶  $16

Chicken, spring onion pancake, vege

Taiwanese Fried Chicken (GF) ⭐ $16.5

Formosa handmade sausage served with fresh garlic 

Salmon Sashimi ⭐ $18

9 pcs


Gua Bao-Pork  $10

Pork belly, pickled cabbage, coriander, peanut powder, vege

Gua Bao-Honey Glazed Tofu Puff (V) $10

Honey sauce dressing, garlic soy sauce, pickled cabbage, peanut powder, vege 

Gua Bao-Korean Spicy Chicken 🌶  $11

Crispy chicken bites with Korean spicy sauce, peanut powder, vege

Teriyaki Chicken Bun (1 pc)  $8

Kids favourite food 

Barbecued Pork Buns (3 pcs) $10

Includes peanut

Pork Dumplings (8 pcs) ⭐ $15

Pan-fried or steamed, pork, squid, cabbage

Vege Dumplings (8 pcs) (V) $15

Pan-fried or steamed, corn, glass noodles, mix vegetables


Seasonal vegetables (V)(GF) $18

Tofu Casserole (V) $24

Tofu, vegetables, sesame ginger oil, soy sauce

Sweet and Sour Tofu Puff (V)  $25

Tofu puff, onion, capsicums, vegetables

Black Bean Tofu Puff (V)  $25

Black bean, tofu puff, onion, capsicums, vegetables 

Sweet and Sour Chicken (GF)  $25

Chicken, onion, capsicum, vegetables

Tawainese Hakka Stir-Fry  $25

Sautéed sliced pork belly, squid, green bean

Sautéed Shredded Pork in Sweet Bean Sauce  $25

Served with Chinese pancakes (6 pcs)

Crispy Chicken Tenders with Asian Spice Flakes (GF) 🌶  $26

Chicken tenders, garlic, spring onion, leek, mix spices, chilli, honey sauce dressing

Braised Pork Belly $26

6 hours slow-cooked pork belly with vegetables and pork gravy

Orange Pork Ribeye (GF)(VO)  $26

Orange sauce, pork ribeye

Stir-Fried Beef with Taiwanese BBQ Sauce (VO)  $26

Served on hot plate

Korean Spicy Chicken with Creamy Cheeses 🌶 $27

Chicken tenders, Korean spicy sauce, mixed cheeses

Golden Fish with Sweet Chili Sauce (GF) 🌶   $28.5

Deep-fried NZ Lin fish with chef’s special sweet and chilli sauce

Braised Salmon with Black Bean Sauce (GF) $28.5

New Zealand king salmon 175g, assorted vegetables, black bean sauce

Mango King Prawn  $30

Deep-fried king prawn with Formosa special mango sauce and mango salsa

Sizzling Steak with Black Pepper Sauce $32

Ribeye steak 250g and vegetables served on hot plate

Garlic Seafood Risotto ⭐ $34

Queens scallops, prawns, mussels, roe


Formosa Beef Fried Rice (GFO) ⭐ $17

Sliced beef, Formosa special beef sauce, edamame beans, leek, egg

Chicken Fried Rice (GFO) $17

Sliced chicken, edamame beans, vegetables, egg, leek, soy sauce

Vege Fried Rice (GF)(V)  $17

Edamame beans, vegetables, egg, corn

Taiwanese Shredded Chicken Rice $10.5

Topped with shredded chicken, chicken broth dressing

Plain Rice - Small / Large $2 / 5


Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup 🌶 ⭐  $18

Soup contains broadbean

Grilled Chicken Noodle (VO) $18

Vegetarian available

Stir-Fried Noodle (V)  $17

Beef  or Chicken or Vege


Creamy Chicken Corn Soup ⭐  $7

Chicken, corn ,egg, cream

Chicken Tori Paitan Soup (GF) $11

3-hour slow-cooked chicken, potato, water chestnut, garlic


Edamame (V)(GFO) ⭐  $8

Steamed soy beans served with garlic soy sauce

Golden Kimchi (V) $6

Cabbage, carrot in sweet and sour brine

Lou Sang (V) $12

Vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments

+ Grilled chicken $4

+ Salmon sashimi $9


Roast Duck (Half) ⭐  $45

Roast Duck (Whole) ⭐  $60

Served with pancakes, mixed vege, sweet bean sauce. Serving time 40 mins

Light Supper
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