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Our three distinct dining areas bring you to different dining environments – the Red Parasol Area with its fun and casual vibe, the comfort of the Chinese Lantern Area and the elegant VIP Area. We take inspiration from the contemporary and unique aspects of the West while paying homage to our Asian roots at the same time – the balance or the Yin&Yang. We respect that balance and we always bring something new and fresh to the public. Special dishes, new beverages, fresh and in-season ingredients are always offered to satisfy our customers’ taste buds. 

All of these things, along with our amazing team who works passionately and dedicatedly, make Formosa the favourite restaurant of couples or families, children or adults, small groups or big companies, locals or tourists!


Formosa offers three private dining spaces, suitable for parties of up to 18, 36, and 50 seated guests. All three spaces can be reserved for a larger event, accommodating up to 120 guests with space for a reception and seated lunch or dinner. 


Red Parasol Area: 36-40 seated

Chinese Lantern Area: 60 seated

VIP Room: 16-18 seated

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